Connecting with our Fans! #themontanascene

Kim Weaver

Posted on November 08 2019

Connecting with our Fans! #themontanascene

by Alanis Stallknecht

The Montana Scene wouldn’t be where it is today if it were not for our customers. As well, our Instagram might not be where it is today with 51.6k if it wasn’t for those of you who share and tag us in your Montana adventures. 

the montana scene instagram

l We love sharing your photos & loved this one from @keithw3 l

Our Instagram is full of Montana lovers and our Montana inspired products. While some of you followed us simply because we were offering free stickers for a follow in-stores, we still aim to entertain you all. Several scrolls through our Instagram page and you will find our products (new and old), adorable kids, Montana views, and even the Bonnet family featured.  We even do the occasional give away!

the montana scene instagram

l We love being able to share our new items with our fans! l

The most exciting aspect of our Instagram, however, is reposting our Instagram fan’s photos to our page. We love seeing where you take your The Montana Scene apparel to, but it doesn’t always have to include our clothing or items. We also enjoy sharing your gorgeous Montana sceneries. 

the montana scene instagram

l We love seeing where you have taken your Montana Scene gear like this from @jaymeesire and @jaharoni l

Simply tag us in your Instagram post or Instagram story and you might just find yourself featured on our page or our story. We love seeing your content and you enjoying your The Montana Scene apparel even more!

Follow us @themontanascene on Instagram to keep up with our new products, events near you, sales, and all things new with The Montana Scene!

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