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Kim Weaver

Posted on October 17 2018

by Bailey Pike
When I wake up in the morning, the first thing that crosses my mind (after coffee, of course) is, what am I am going to wear? Obviously, some part of my outfit will include a piece from The Montana Scene as for the rest of my outfit, well who knows; but that’s the fun part. I love incorporating two of my favorite things together every day: The Montana Scene and fashion. As the brand grows bigger and bigger, I want to help people fall more in love with The Montana Scene and be able to incorporate pieces into their outfits more.
Before we dive deeper into this Fall fashion blog, I wanted to let y’all get to know me a little better. My Name is Bailey and I have worked at The Montana Scene for about two years now; and I love everything about it (especially the people I work with and for). I recently just graduated from Arkansas State University and I am waiting to hear back from a graduate program in Forensic Psychology. This has been my passion for as long as I can remember and I cannot wait to further my education in this field! Basically, any night of the week you can find me hanging out with my dogs watching the ID channel. Now, enough about me, lets get back to some fall fashion!
Fall is my favorite season by far. Okay, yes, partly because of my birthday; you caught me. But, fall is also my favorite because of all of the fun colors that you can put together. I used to be the type of person who stuck with black and grey and never branched out with colors because I did not think that I could “pull it off”. If that is you, let me tell you something; girl, you can pull it off! Do not be afraid to show your wild side when it comes to colors. My favorite thing about The Montana Scene is they are not afraid to mess around with fun colors. They make it so easy to dress up.  I have pulled some of my favorites from our new fall collection and created three key outfits for fall. Outfit number one will be a dressier choice, outfit two will be more of a casual choice, and outfit three will be a cute but comfy choice.

Montana Scene Tunic

Outfit #1:  Dressy

Flare style pants: I would base the color of the pants off the color of the shirt. If you have a neutral color shirt, go with a colored pants such as maroon, green, ect. If your tunic is colored stick with a neutral colored pant such as black, khaki, jean ect.
Tuck in:  I would tuck in some, if not all of the shirt. It does not need to be a tight tuck, just a loose one. This gives you a more clean look.
Shoes:   With this look go with a rounded or pointed toe boot. The height of the boot doesn't really matter because it will not be seen. I would always go with a dark brown just because it seems to go with majority of colors, even black.
Jewelry: With this look, I would go with statement Jewelry. This means something that stands out! Something big and and chunky; such as a necklace and a bracelet.
You can make this outfit as dressy as you want with the type of jewelry you put with it. The pants can also make it dressy, especially if you put a colored pant on.
montana is my happy place long sleeve tunic

Outfit #2: Casual

Skinny jeans/ rolled bottom jeans: With this style pant, I would stick with a jean color. This pant could even have holes in them to give it a little extra something.
Cardigan: When deciding on a color, I would always go with a neutral color that way you are sure it will go a with any tunic, and anything in you closet! Get the most out of your money honey.
Shoes: With this outfit I would definitely go with a little booties. Depending on the weather where you live, it can be a peep toe or it can be a close toe. Just make sure that it is a low booties.
Jewelry: The previous look was all about the statement jewelry, however with this look I would stick with a simpler piece. Maybe a necklace with your initial or our ‘ Montana Bar’ necklace would be perfect for this look. I added a floppy hat to my look.
* Side Note: A puffer vest would look very cute with this outfit as well.
bison tunic black

Outfit #3: Comfy

Leggings: Now, I always stick with black leggings because they go with everything. However, if you feel this strongly about another color of leggings then you do you Boo. Leggings are God's gifts to girls and I wear them as much as I can; you can also make them look super cute.
Shoes: This look is perfect for riding boots. They are cute but add a little dressy flare to your outfit; I would also add some high socks into the outfit!
Jewelry: Now, with this outfit, you can wear simple jewelry such as the necklace we talked about in the previous outfit, however I would also pair our new blanket scarf with this outfit for a cozier look. I also would add one of our beanies.
 live in the moment long sleeve tunic

Montana Scene Rolled Sleeve Top

Outfit #1: Dressy

Flare style pants: To achieve the dressier look we are going for here, I would stick with a dark color jean flare pant.
Jacket: With it being Fall, it’s getting chilly out, therefore we need a cute jacket to go over our top. My go to jacket is a black leather one (of course black or brown are good choices). It’s sleek and has a dressy look to it, which you can never go wrong with.
Shoes:  With this look a perfect shoe would be a heel. My favorite is a closed toe wedge because not only are they are so cute for Fall,but they are very comfortable for a night out.
Jewelry: Since we are going for a dressier look, I would add some statement Jewelry.
montana is calling festival tee charcoal

Outfit #2: Casual

Rolled/ Ripped Jeans: This gives you a really casual look,however it’s so cute and so in style. It’s also so effortless to do, and almost everyone already has a pair of jeans like this in their closet. You know the pair I'm talking about, don’t you .
Cardigan:  With the cardigan feel free to spice the color up if you have a neutral color shirt underneath. However I love all of the ‘warm’ colors of fall so I tend to have a lot of cardigans of that nature, and they tend to go with any color shirt we have.
Shoes: Break out those booties again! It’s the same as before, open or peep toe, just depends on what you prefer.
Jewelry: With this look you can add a statement piece or a simpler piece; it is really up to you! ( pictured below is more of a statement piece) I would also pair a solid colored trucker hat with this to give it a casual look; our black logo trucker is perfect ( pictured below)!
in the mountains of montana rolled sleeve

Outfit #3: Comfy

Leggings: Yes, I am bringing back the leggings like it’s 1985! This look is all about being comfortable and it starts with the pants honey.
Cardigan: Same rules apply here as in the previous outfit. I love cardigans because they are so versatile.
Shoes: Break out those riding boots because they are about to complete your outfit here. For that extra glam, always add tall socks when you wear riding boots. It just makes it look a little nicer and not as sloppy.
Jewelry: Again, this look is more on the simple side, therefore I would stick to stud earrings or small necklaces. I might also add one of our blanket scarves to this, with a messy bun!
where the buffalo roam rolled sleeve ladies
These are just a few of my favorite styles from of Fall collection. Mainly because they are so cute, and as you can see, you can create so many different types of outfits with them. These styles come in a variations of colors such as black, grey, light pink, maroon, mustard, and pine; perfect fall colors. Now ladies while you’re checking out our new fall collection for you, don’t forget to look at what we have going on for that special man in your life; don’t worry we have something for all ages, zero to ninety- nine.I hope all of these tips have helped you in some way, and I thank you for taking the time to read this. Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone this fall and really express yourself. It is your time to shine honey!
Until next time my loves,

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