Goodbye Twenty-Sixteen - HELLO 2017

Laura Ponder

Posted on December 30 2016

Goodbye Twenty-Sixteen - HELLO 2017

Another year has come and gone, a year most people are dramatically calling "THE WORST EVER"... But we at The Montana Scene feel quite the opposite.

Twenty-Sixteen was an incredible year full of tons of change and new experiences!

* We survived it! (biggest accomplishment)
* Our amount of employees more than doubled.
* We opened TWO new Montana Scene stores; one in Whitefish and one in Bozeman.
*AND Sean and Melissa (the totally rad owners of The Montana Scene) opened a Children's' Boutique in Bigfork! (called Mady & Max)

Let me tell you, these people are complete Rockstars.

But most importantly, we were able to share our love and passion for Montana and all it has to offer with all of you wonderful people.
None of our exciting accomplishments could have happened without our followers and customers, so THANK YOU!

And while 2016 was a terrifying roller coaster of emotions, 14 hour work days, new babies, bi-weekly trips to Bozeman, sore backs and tears... it was seriously one for the books.
We're happy to say that we are MORE than ready for whatever it is that 2017 has to offer. (and we're really excited, too!)

Much love 2016, you've been great, but we're moving on.
It's not you, it's us. (Mostly just has to do with the earth rotating around the sun, etc.)

Store Locations :

The Montana Scene - Bigfork
475 Electric Avenue

The Montana Scene - Whitefish
148 Central Avenue

The Montana Scene - Bozeman
402 E Main Suite 3 (front door is located on Rouse)

Mady & Max Children's Boutique - Bigfork
543 Electric Avenue

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