Love Letters to Montana ♥ Happy Valentine's Day

Kim Weaver

Posted on February 07 2020

A love letter to Montana,

Your elegance, it makes me tremble.

Your mountains cradle me in the valley below.

Your lakes often show me a stillness, so peaceful, while your rivers remind me of the roughness that life brings, there is still beauty in it. 

Your rolling hills and plains, 

blue skies as far as I can see.

You’ve shown me love.

You’ve given me spaces and places to raise my children and let them run wild and free.

Most importantly, you’ve given me a place that I am proud to call “home.”

With love,



My dear, sweet, wild and free Montana,

It has only been in recent years that I have come to know you as a friend and confidant. But it has been a fast-growing love that has only continued to surprise me. Within this time I have whispered the secrets of my soul into your golden tamaracks, winding rivers over glacial rock beds and the huckleberry laden bushes that trace the curves of your mountainsides. You have been a worthy friend, keeping these secrets, while also revealing some of your own. For a tough and rugged exterior, you have a surprisingly soft side if you know where to look. For every jagged mountainside is a field of tender grasses and rainbow-painted wildflowers. Birds and animals of prey call your vastness home, and it is a mutual respect that I have come to observe and admire between them. Your cowboy style that leaves most people with a wild impression, but it doesn’t fool me. I revel in knowing you on a deeper level. 

Our time spent together, braving bitter cold winter days, smoky skies that bring a solemn sigh to our lips, and brilliant blue summer days that seem to never end, make me feel connected to the very earth beneath my feet and skies above my head. I wouldn’t trade one day of your tumultuous, unpredictable, sometimes bipolar weather for a thousand sunny days. Your beauty is derived directly from your boldness to do exactly as you please. I admire your ability to be exactly as you are. 

As I lie my head on the rocky spine, I cannot help but feel slowly guided towards something greater than myself. The smell of grass mixes with soil and pine. A soft breeze carries my spirit throughout the valley. As the tendrils of your rivers lap at my toes you speak poems of the beauty of change to me, and I listen. Lessons of life, of resilience, of love and of fear, and always of slow but constant growth remind me of how lucky I am to know you.

So let it be known that I have a great well of love for you, my Montana. It is unrivaled by any. I pray you receive nothing but respect from me and hope we remain intertwined on this journey of life. Indeed you will live on after I fade, but I am tickled by the idea that my feet have walked your winding paths and my tongue has tasted your sweet flavors. You may not remember our friendship in years after I pass, but you will be a prayer upon my lips until the day I die.

Yours for always,



Dear Montana,

Before I had the privilege of knowing you, I was broken, and I didn’t know how to go on.  Everything good in my life was gone and I was left not knowing who I was anymore.  

You have been my friend for almost two years now.  In that short time, you’ve helped me relearn that I am worthy of love.  You have taught me that my past does not define who I am but shapes the strong woman that you helped mold me into.  

You do not judge me,  You only want to discover me as I discover you.  I feel so at peace when I am amongst your grand and magnificent mountains.  I feel alive when I touch your dynamic rivers. I feel beautiful when I breathe your pure air.  I feel safe when your sun caresses my cheeks and reminds me that today is new.  

My admiration for you grows daily.  My life is so much different now than it was before I knew you.   

Thank you for showing me that my cocoon was temporary.  Today, tomorrow, and for as long as I am alive, my wings grow stronger and I grow braver because of you.  Montana, thank you. I owe my life to you. I love you.  

Truly and always,

Gracious Survivor 


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