Life is Better Adventure Series - On The Trail

Laura Ponder

Posted on June 27 2017

By Laura Ponder

Welcome to the Life is Better Adventure Series! As mentioned in our last post, we will be teaming up with adventurers from around the state to highlight the awesome apparel that makes up The Montana Scene's Life is Better series.

We begin our exciting journey, ironically, on the trail! Because, well, life IS better on the trail!

Montana has tens of thousands of incredible trails, ranging from the mountainous terrains in the West (Missoula & Whitefish), to the rolling hills in Central Montana (Lewistown), to the grassy flat lands of the East (Glendive). Making Montana a rich and vast place for all different types of hiking adventures.

My personal favorite terrain is, of course, mountainous. Growing up in the Flathead Valley I gained an intense fascination with the mountains, as I lived at the very base of the Swan Range. I'd constantly look up at those beautiful peaks in admiration, wondering what kind of magic was happening up there. 

But the real deal were those sharp snow packed peaks to the north of me: The crown of the continent, Glacier National Park. A place that millions of people all around the world have on their bucket list. Which makes me feel more than blessed, as I make the mere 40 minute drive to get there.

Which brings me to my all time favorite Montana hike, Avalanche Lake Trail, Glacier National Park.

life is better on the trail light-weight knit cowl cement

| Pictured: Life is Better on the Trail Light-Weight Knit Cowl Cement |

Avalanche Lake Trail is 4.5 miles round trip, making it accessible and enjoyable for the whole family. Right before the trail head, you'll find Trail of the Cedars, which is also a sight to be seen, but we'll leave that for another day. As you start your hike to Avalanche Lake, you'll trudge up a large rocky stepping stone path, and once you get to the top you'll hear the rushing water of the Avalanche Creek Gorge. Keep on hiking along this stunning creek,  through the truly magical forested trail for 2.25 more miles, and just when you think you've seen all the beauty there is to be seen, there she'll be in all her glory : Avalanche Lake.

avalanche lake trail glacier national park

It just doesn't get much better than that.

As I prepped for this little hike on a cool Summer morning, I knew exactly what I wanted to wear. A functional yet fashionable piece of apparel from, you guessed it, The Montana Scene. I suited up, and was more than ready for life on the trail.

I played favorites for The Montana Scene long before I ever knew what they were all about, and as I learned more details about this amazing family owned company, I fell more and more in love.

There are multiple reasons why it's my favorite place to buy a Montana shirt, such as the fact that all of their clothing is printed in Montana! And you can't ignore their vast variety of items to choose from; long sleeves, raglans, men's tees, hats and fleeces. They truly have something for everyone.

But the most important aspect in my opinion is the functionality of The Montana Scene's apparel. There's nothing I love more than comfortably enjoying the outdoors while also looking fashionable. And nothing beats supporting a local business, either.

I think I speak for us all when I say that life truly is better on the trail. There's a special freedom that comes with getting out into the forest and exploring.

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