State Park Highlight : Lone Pine State Park

Kim Weaver

Posted on June 07 2019

Lone Pine State Park

Lone Pine State Park is nestled on the southwest side of Kalispell. The park has 7.5 miles of trail that you can access all year. Throughout the year you can access the trails to hike, bike, snowshoe, and ride horseback. The visitors center is located at the top of the park and provides information about the forest and wildlife.

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Throughout the summer the state park provides programs for people of all ages. Friday, June 7th is a stargazing night. This activity is totally free and is led by the Big Sky Astronomy Club. Friday, June 14th “Snakes of Montana” is an hour-long workshop where you can see a live gopher snake and learn all about the snakes of Montana. Friday, June 16th is Park After Dark Hike. This is a guided night hike that costs $4 for hikers 13 and older, kids younger than 12 can hike for free.

Check all summer long to see the new programs.   

Don’t forget to pack a lunch when you head to Lone Pine. There are several picnic spots near the visitors center that make a great place to play for an afternoon.

Lone Pine State Park

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If you’re looking for a more challenging hike start at the Lone Pine trailhead and take Lone Pine Trail (1.4 miles) all the way up to the visitors center. Another great hike is to take the Valley View trail from the Valley View trailhead and connect with the Cliff trail.  

lone pine state park

I View from the top of Lone Pine State Park I

Check out the map to find all the trails. While you hike you'll notice the trails are all clearly marked when you stay on the designated path. Lone Pine has so many different trails that intersect you can choose a new combination to get up and down the mountain every time - so many chances to explore!

Have you been to Lone Pine? What is your favorite part?

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