Another New Store!?

Laura Ponder

Posted on October 11 2016

Oh, summer 2016, where do I even start?
We at The Montana Scene had an absolutely insane summer; with tons of amazing new designs, a new store, another new store in the works, and lots of fun in between!

I know what you're thinking : "Two new stores in span of 6 months!? Are you guys insane!?"
A little bit! We're insane about bringing some seriously awesome Montana gear to more places than just Bigfork and Whitefish! (not that you can't order it online, but nothing beats shopping in person).

And now that it's definitely not summer anymore (you know, with snow on the ground and what not), we're getting ready to open our newest store in Bozeman!

I can't tell you WHEN yet, but it's happening, (soon) and we are so excited!

So to the people of Beautiful Bozeman, get ready!
And if you're looking to work for an amazing company, look no further, because we are hiring! Feel free to send a resume to if you're interested!

I hope you're all as stoked as we are, and more details are definitely on the way!

But for now, enjoy this snowy weather, sip some hot cocoa, and watch for more posts here on our "News" page!

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