The Montana Scene Gives Back: Flathead Snack Program

Kim Weaver

Posted on October 05 2019

the montana scene flathead snack program

This year the team at The Montana Scene wanted to give back to the kids in our community. We started with a week-long event where a portion of our online sales were collected to purchase snacks for the Flathead Snack Program. Because of our loyal fans, we were able to donate snacks to both the elementary and the middle school snack programs.

the montana scene flathead snack program

The Flathead Snack Program started in 2017 when parents saw a gap in our system that was leaving kids hungry on days when there was no school. 

Molly Thibert, the founder of the snack program, gathered friends to start the snack program and this year helped to launch a snack pantry at the middle school. 

The snack program started by providing two snacks a day to elementary students. This year the middle school students will also have a pantry that they can go to to find snacks. 

The Flathead Community Foundation comments, "Hungry kids cannot focus and they can't learn as well in the classroom." 

the montana scene flathead snack program

We're so excited to partner with the Flathead Snack Program and provide snacks for the elementary and middle school pantry. 

If you would like to donate snacks or monetarily click here.

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