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Kim Weaver

Posted on April 28 2018

It is not hard to find an article or information these days on the "millennial" young professional. It seems to be a news topic constantly, the millennial generation is looking for a career where the work they are doing is meaningful and motivating. They want a career where the mission of the company aligns with their own mission. 

the montana scene abc acres

l ABC Acres view from our cabin l

Recently The Montana Scene leadership team went on a retreat with that topic at the forefront. The Montana Scene has a mission of creating unique products that allow people to showcase their love of Montana, adventures and the outdoors. This mission stems right from owners Sean & Melissa and their love of all the adventure and excitement Montana has to offer. You'll often find them spending their evenings with their three kiddos heading to the park for a quick hike or having a water fight in their backyard.

The Montana Scene Fmaily

l The Montana Scene kids living The Montana Scene mission

This mission runs deep throughout the company. As we expand our team across the state in the summer we bring on new members that also embody this mission. You'll find our employees out hiking, biking, floating the river, name it, they're having fun on their days off. Being able to share those adventures back at work with our customers is one of the joys of the job. 

The Montana Scene ABC Acres  The Montana Scene ABC Acres

l ABC Acres Guest House l

We were lucky enough to take our managers for a leadership retreat this year at ABC Acres just outside Hamilton, MT. ABC Acres is a permaculture farm that focuses on "sustainable food production, healthy living systems, and ecological design." We rented one of their two cabins and got to enjoy the farm aspect of Montana living. Each morning we woke up to great views from the front porch and were able to see the new piglets and goats enjoying the sunshine. 

But the best part about being able to bring the team to a place like ABC Acres was to be able to connect and plan for what the future holds. We love the summer time for the great adventure and because it is one of our busiest seasons. We spent the weekend talking big picture ideas, coming up with new ways to motivate and celebrate our team, and enjoying new areas of Montana. 

The Montana Scene Coffee Cup Cafe Hamilton MT

l Checking out the local diner - The Coffee Cup Cafe in Hamilton, MT l

We spent our Saturday morning at Hamilton's Farmers market where we got to explore Montana made products and hear from young entrepreneurs about their stories. We walked down main street and went through shops reflecting on the types of displays we saw, customer service and listening to locals stories. Our afternoon was spent hiking around Lake Como and enjoying the views.

The Montana Scene has grown tremendously over the last few years and we are looking forward to continuing that growth. With that growth we always want to make sure we are sticking to our roots and always come back to why we do what we do. We are a group of people who are deeply rooted in Montana that want to work hard and play hard. 

Lake Como Hamilton, MT

l View from our hike around Lake Como

On our last morning as I sat out on the front porch reflecting on the weekend I felt grateful to work for a company that lives their mission. I was ready to jump back into the work week with new ideas and plans to continue to bring the best Montana and adventure inspired products to all of our fans inside and outside of the state. 

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