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Kim Weaver

Posted on September 24 2019

by Katie Hesler

Wake up, snooze, roll out of bed. Coffee. Must have coffee. Pull on a long skirt and a "Life is Better at the Cabin" tee. So comfy! More coffee. Time for work! Walking down Central Ave it is quiet. But it will not last. I treasure the warm air as I take in the quiet moments before our doors open. Click, lights on door open. "Good Morning!" People begin to spill in. "Where are you form?" Kansas, Texas, Michigan, California, New Jersey, Canada! Oh our wonderful neighbors in Canada! The day moves through a rhythm of folding and conversations. New designs. Oh, what?! These must go up front and center. "Oh hey!" Is it that time already? Shift change. The final few hours of the work day spent chatting away with new friends and coworkers while merchandising and unboxing new items. And just like that, back to the streets of Whitefish, a bit more bustling than this morning. Just as beautiful. 

the montana scene whitefish

Most days this summer progressed in this similar manner. A familiar and welcome rhythm. In fact, it is hard to believe that summer has already passed. Reflecting back on the summer here at the Whitefish store, what stands out most is the teamwork that went into making this summer such an amazing one. Our team worked hard to keep the store looking nice and provide the best experience to all our customers. We supported each other and embraced The Montana Scene family as our own. Through Tuesday night farmers markets, art walks, Fourth of July fireworks and the many local events, we stayed busier than ever. 

One of the best things about our summer at The Montana Scene was getting to make connections with people. From tourists visiting the park to wedding-goers and families spending time together on the lake, or in the mountains, we loved hearing your adventures. Watching customers get excited over new designs that we ourselves were gushing over only hours before, made us excited to be at work. We loved seeing kids light up over our Bison or Mountain Goat designs after seeing their first one in the Parks. The Montana Scene is passionate about the outdoors, adventure, and of course, this beautiful Treasure State. Our summer was filled with tales of these very things, and that is what we love best about our job!

the montana scene whitefish

As the temperatures begin to drop and the leaves start to fall, we are now looking forward to Winter. Winters in Whitefish stays just as busy as our summers. Being a mountain town, we see skiers all season long. Not to mention the surprising amount of activities that take place under snow filled skies throughout the winter season. From holiday craft fairs, to our famous Winter Carnival and skijoring events, there is always something to do. As for The Montana Scene, we are always patiently awaiting to see what new winter designs come in, and look forward to hosting community events in our store. We love providing fun ways to connect with more people in our great little town. We are, after all, all about community! So be sure to say hello this winter. Our fireplace will be warm, and our doors are always open (from 10-7 anyways)!!

the montana scene whitefish

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