Lil' Bear Puzzle - 100 Piece

$ 23.00

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Unique, animal-shaped, 100-piece jigsaw puzzle for ages 5 and up. Poster-sized when completed. Puzzle pieces are oversized for easy handling.
Each puzzle comes with an educational Fun Facts insert. On one side is a fold-out puzzle image to hang as a poster or use as a reference. On the flipside is a wealth of amazing facts. Did you know, for instance, that bears are excellent swimmers because they have wide flat feet that act like paddles?
Content: 100 pieces
Finished size: 19” x 34” (poster-sized) Unique-shaped border High gloss, photo-realistic animal image Large pieces are sized just right for small hands to hold and manipulate! (Good for folks with limited dexterity too.)
Packaged in a sealed poly bag and tamperproof box. Dust-free!
Dimension - 9.5" x 11.5" x 3"