The Bozeman Store

The Bozeman Store opened in November 2016. The Montana Scene was eager to open in the college town that has a vibrancy and excitement for the outdoors. Sean and Melissa have spent a lot of time in Bozeman and have friends who live there. It was a community they have always wanted to be a part of in some way. 

The Montana Scene - Bozeman is known for hosting events in the community. During the Summer months they host a weekly paddle board night and in the Winter they host yoga and shopping nights right in the store! Be sure to follow them at - The Montana Scene - Bozeman - if you're in the area to stay up to date on their adventures. 

The Bozeman Store is open Monday - Saturday 10am - 7pm and Sundays 10am - 5pm 
126 E MAIN ST Bozeman, MT 59715 

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A Little Bit About Bozeman 

Bozeman is named after John Bozeman, who helped to establish the Bozeman Trail in late 1864. Other prominent people who had a hand in the development of Bozeman include: Daniel Rouse, William Beale, and Nelson Story. Nelson Story established a ranch after being a successful gold miner in Virginia City. His land was later donated to help establish Montana State University. 

downtown Bozeman

l Downtown Bozeman - Photo: Bozeman.net

Bozeman has continued to rapidly develop, the historic integrity of the town has remained. Wilson School, originally Gallatin Valley High School, is now the administrative building for the school district. The Story Mansion, build by Nelson Story's son T. Byron Story, after taking over for his father. For 80 years the Story Mansion was the home of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity, but now is owned by the city of Bozeman and in 2008 was restored. 

sweat pea festival bozeman montana

l Sweet Pea Festival Parade - Photo: Sweet Pea Festival Facebook

During the summer you'll find everyone preparing for the Sweet Pea festival. Sweet Pea is an event that has happened every year since 1977, but it was originally a carnival that lasted from 1906-1916. The art show happens the first weekend in August and brings artists from all over to share their work. The weekend is filled with live music, shows, Shakespeare in the Parks, and great local food. 

Museum of the Rockies Bozeman

l Big Mike welcoming you to The Museum of the Rockies - Photo: Museum of the Rockies Facebook

Another place to visit anytime of the year is The Museum of the Rockies. The museum was created in 1957 and is an affiliate with the Smithsonian. It is the perfect place to spend an afternoon. The museum has a permanent exhibit on dinosaurs, with resident paleontologist Jack Horner, Montana history and a planetarium.  

Bridger Bowl Montana

l Bridger Bowl - Photo: Bridger Bowl Facebook Page

Bozeman is close to both Bridger Bowl and Big Sky Ski resort if you're looking for a place to come find an adventure in the winter. Bozeman also has plenty of areas for cross country skiing as well. Be sure to check out bridger ski foundation to find out where the grooming trails are. 

Throughout the year Bozeman is the host of many great events including: Downtown Crazy Days, Bobcat Fest, Art Walks, Music on Main every Thursday in the summer, "Cruisin on Main Car Show," Trick or Treating, Christmas Stroll, and Bit of Bozeman. Be sure to check the downtown Bozeman website for all the event information.