Find the answers to our more frequently asked questions below!

Do your products shrink? 

On rare occasions, shrinkage may occur. Please refer to our Garment Care page for more information on how to prevent shrinkage. 

Do you do customization on products? 

We try to accommodate as many special requests as possible, but we can't guarantee it. If you are interested in a customized item please use the contact form below to reach out to us. With custom orders it can take up to three weeks longer to process your order. 

Are your items true to size?

We carry a variety of products and many of our apparel items fit differently. Please refer to our Sizing Chart for more specific information for our products.  

What about plus sizes? 

In many of our styles we do carry plus-sizes. Please look at our Plus-Size tab for those items. If there is an item you would like and do not see it in our Plus-Size tab please reach out using the contact information below and ask. We cannot guarantee it, but we will do our best! 

Do in store sales apply online and vice versa? 

We try and make sure to do sales for all of our fans - whether you are close to a store or far away! We will always note on a sale if it is online or in store. If you every have any questions about a sale you can contact us below or call one of our store locations. The best way to keep up to date on our sales and promotions is to sign up for our newsletter! Our newsletter sign up can be found at the bottom of the website. 

What is your return/exchange policy? 

Please refer to our Shipping & Returns page. We do our best to accommodate any returns or exchanges, but please review our policy or send us an email below if you have questions.

What do I do if my order has an issue or manufacturing problem? 

We do not manufacture the shirts in house - we do the screen printing. If you notice there is a manufacturing defect please refer to our Shipping & Returns policy to make sure you are returning it in the correct amount of time. Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns after the 14 days have passed or exchanges after 45 days. 

How long does it take for an order to arrive once I have ordered? 

We do our best to ship orders out as soon as possible. If we are unable to get your order out within five business days we will reach out to you to let you know about any delays. 

What about holiday season? 

Due to our large volume of orders during the holiday season it may take a few days longer, but we do our best to get your orders out as soon as possible. If there are any major delays for specific products we will note that in the product description. 

What do I do if my product says it was delivered, but I can't find it? 

First, contact your local post office. Check your tracking and tell your local post office when and where it says it was delivered. Also, check with your neighbors to see if it was accidentally delivered to the wrong spot. We ship using the address that you plug in, so you can also check and make sure your address was entered correctly.  If you reach out to us, we will do our best to help, but unfortunately once it leaves our hands and is delivered through the post office we have the same tracking as you. 

How do I know what gender the clothes are? 

Our products are labeled 'Unisex' if they are for all genders. Shirts that are labeled specifically for 'Men' or 'Ladies' will be reflected in the appropriate category sections. Many of our shirts labeled 'Men' we have women buy as well - the sizing is usually just a bit bigger. 

When do you have sales? 

We do many sales and promotions throughout the year! The best way to stay up to date with our sales and promotions is to subscribe to our newsletter, which you can do at the bottom of this page! Just enter your email in the teal rectangle under "CONNECT." You can also follow us on Facebook or Instagram

What do I do if I have an issue with a product I purchased? 

Please review our Shipping & Returns policy and then contact us with the form below. We will also do the best we can to help with any issues you may have had with a product! 

How do I become a Wholesale Client? 

Please contact sales@themontanascene.com if you are interested in becoming a Wholesale client and we will send you the password to view our Wholesale website. You can also view our wholesale site here

How can I start Wholesaling to The Montana Scene? 

If you are interested in having your products be sold at The Montana Scene please use the contact form below to let us know about you and your company! 

Can I order a product online and pick it up in store? 

Yes you can! Please put in the notes what store you would like to pick up at. Our store will call you when the item is ready for pick up! 

Can I order a product online and return or exchange it in the store? 

If you purchase something online you can return or exchange items in-store at any of our locations. You must bring with you the order number and your order form. You can show this on your phone or print it off. Items ordered on and returned online must follow the same standards - 14 days for a return and 45 days for an exchange. Items must be in excellent condition. 


Any situations that do not meet the previously mentioned criteria will be eligible only for an exchange. We gladly except exchanges for size and/or a different product of equal value. Simply mail your item back within 45 days and we will ship the new size or item, on us.

Unfortunately, if it has been longer than 45 days we can not do an exchange. Our product line is continually changing and evolving and there is no guarantee what you have purchased is still in stock.