Garment Care

We at The Montana Scene strive for our customers to have the best experience possible with all of our products.

In order to make that happen, we felt it would be beneficial to provide a quick reference guide for caring for our product! 

We suggest washing ALL Montana Scene apparel inside out and in cold water. We want you to get as much wear out of your product as possible, and washing your items like this will help significantly. Washing your items in cold water helps prevent : shrinkage, color loss, print-fading, and pilling.

Drying is by far the most important step that you have to be careful with. In a perfect world, we would suggest hanging your Montana Scene apparel to dry. This process is sure to keep your garment in the best condition. But we understand that life is busy, so tumble drying on low or cool would be the next best step. Please make sure the garment is inside out for the drying process as well, and please NEVER dry your Montana Scene apparel on hot.


*These are suggestions based off of real-life experiences and may not always work. If you are still dissatisfied with your garment after trying these, please contact us.

Pilling - If pilling happens to occur to your garment, do not panic. One of the only downsides to the super soft materials we print our designs on, is that pilling can sometimes occur. (NOTE: Following the above wash and dry instructions will significantly decrease the odds of this happening).
If it does happen though, all you must do is simply shave the pills off with a dry razor or an electric fabric shaver.

Runs - On occasion, runs may occur to our knits and cowls. In this case, all you must do is turn the garment inside out and pull the run back through the material. Tie the string into a knot if you are concerned about it pulling back out!

Shrinkage - On very rare occasions, shrinkage may occur. This can absolutely be prevent by taking the correct washing and drying steps. If it does occur, consider re-wetting the garment and very carefully stretching it back out.