Cross-Country Skiing Adventure at the great B Bar Ranch

Kim Weaver

Posted on February 18 2022

Cross-Country Skiing Adventure at the great B Bar Ranch

The Montana Scene B Bar Ranch

This was our view as we chased the sunset to get back to the Davis Cabin at B Bar Ranch before dark. After skiing with our packs on 1.6 miles to get to our backcountry cabin, this venture out (minus the backpack) was as all about the views. 

A few months ago my friend Hannah suggested that we go on a cross-country skiing weekend for her birthday and she knew just the spot. B Bar Ranch, located in the Tom Miner Basin, nestled in the Gallatin Range southwest of Livingston, has been around since 1906. It has developed and changed over the last 100 years to become what it is today - a pure bread beef operation and a place for guests to come meet, relax and adventure.  

We rented the Davis Cabin, a backcountry cabin about 1.6 miles away from the main lodge. The lodge carried in water and dishes and a propane stove was provided. All we had to do was pack in our clothes, sleeping bags, and food. 

B Bar ranch has about 12 miles of groomed trails and another 4 miles as marked backcountry trail. Although we didn't take advantage, with notice they will provide ski lessons at the ranch and guided ski tours. We got to the ranch just after noon and loaded our packs to begin skiing to our cabin.

The Montana Scene Three Tree Beanie

l Hannah rocking our Montana Tree Slouchy Navy Beanie l

The trail was on the easier side, which makes it perfect for beginners. Just after turning a corner and watching the main lodge disappear behind us we noticed a moose off in the distance. She darted over a fence until she noticed a skier on another trail adjacent to us. We waited until she made her way back over our ski trail and disappeared in the woods - we definitely didn't want a bad run in with a moose that day, so we enjoyed her from afar.  

After coming up a slight hill we took our small loop to get to our cabin, which sat just off the main ski trails. The cabin rested just above the landscape and provided amazing views all the way around. We started a fire to get the cabin warmed up and made lunch over the stove. Recommendation for bringing in your food - dehydrate it! Hannah's sister Hallie dehydrated all of the food we packed in and then re-hydrated it at the cabin. Lunch was a delicious tomato soup with grilled cheese. Followed up by a cous-cous and curry dinner!

The Montana Scene Montana Vibes

l Montana Vibes Long Sleeve Tunic - Grey was the perfect shirt to capture the feeling of our skiing adventure! Going to Montana is Going Home Black V-Neck was a Holi-Deal special - be sure to sign up for our newsletter to receive latest updates on limited edition products! l

After fueling ourselves we headed back out to ski again! We ventured out to try and sneak a peak at the other backcountry cabin before sunset. As a cross-country skiing beginner, I appreciated the groomed trails and found it much easier to keep up with my more advanced friends. 

The Montana Scene Let Adventure Fill Your Soul

l Let Adventure Fill Your Soul Unisex Fleece Photo Cred: Hannah Hostetter l

We spent our evening in the cabin soaking up heat from the fire, playing games and enjoying the stillness of Montana that surrounded us. 

The next morning we woke up to the sun coming in through the glass walls of the cabin and packed up to ski back out. Before heading back out on the ski trails we needed to prepare - coffee first!

The Montana Scene First Coffee and then Explore Tunic

l First Coffee and Then Explore Tunic l

 There are so many places across our great state to go cross-country skiing! We are lucky to live in a state that has places like the B Bar Ranch, that have a mission to help sustain the land around us for future generations to explore.

What are your favorite places to go skiing?! Where should we explore next? 



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