Exploring Small Town Montana: Libby & Troy

Kim Weaver

Posted on March 01 2018

Exploring Small Town Montana: Libby & Troy

The Montana Scene Kootenai Falls

l Kootenai Falls is the perfect place to start your Libby & Troy Adventure I 

One of the things I love most about Montana is that there is always something more to explore. You could live here your entire life and still not see everything. Kootenai Falls has been a staple in my exploring over the last few years, but I wanted to take the time to explore more of the area surrounding it. With my curiosity getting the best of me I planned a day trip to the Libby and Troy area to do some more exploring. 

Looking for a great day trip? Want to explore something in between days at Glacier? Looking for something that has something for the whole family? Check out some of my favorites! 

1. Kootenai Falls - we have to start here.

If you haven't been here and are within a few hours...it is totally worth it! I've visited half a dozen times in the last few years and it never gets old. The scenery is stunning and with the sound of the falls drowning out any noise from cars or neighboring towns it is a great place to escape and explore. 

Check out the swinging bridge - even if you are scared of heights! It is awesome to cross it and explore the other side or simply just watch it sway in the wind. 

The Montana Scene in the mountains of montana

l Checking out the swinging bridge wearing In the Mountains of Montana Pullover

2. City of Troy Museum & Visitor Center 

Just a few miles away from Kootenai Falls is the town of Troy. I was surprised by all the different activities and history that Troy has packed in the town of 890. I would highly recommend the Museum and Visitor Center. The museum isn't open year round, but there is still plenty to explore if it is closed. Start by taking your photo in front of a railway car, go hiking down to the river, or play a round of Folf on their course. With the onsite picnic tables this is a great place to spend an afternoon with the family. 

Troy visitor center

l Great Northern Railway Car as you just next to the visitor center as you enter Troy, MT l 

3. Trojan Lanes 

This may be one of my favorite things to explore - bowling alleys! We drove past Trojan Lanes and knew we had to turn around and check it out. The bowling alley was small - with only six lanes, but we basically had the entire place to ourselves. With a restaurant attached it was a great way to get out of the car and do some moving around (that wasn't as cold as outside).  

Trojan Lanes Troy MT

l Trojan Lanes is located at 608 E Missoula Ave in Troy l

4. Food! 

I could talk all day about the different food options in Libby and Troy, but I'll stick to my favorites. If you are looking for Mexican food be sure to check out Rositas! The local business has been around for more than ten years and serves some of my favorite enchiladas I've ever had. If you're looking for something that the whole family can enjoy try Antler's. It has a large salad bar and so many options! Looking for a drink after a long day of hiking? Check out Cabinet Mountain Brewing Co. (or as they call it - Libby's Living Room).  

5. The Dome Theater 

Another favorite of mine is to explore theaters. The Dome theater was originally built in 1910 and it is the only theater in Northwest Montana! In the last few years they have done some renovating. The theater doesn't have many showings throughout the day, but if you're around the time is right - definitely check it out! 

The Montana Scene

l The Dome Theater in Libby, MT

Where have you explored in Libby and Troy? What other small towns should we check out across Montana?! 

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