What we LOVE about Montana! Happy Valentine's Day!

Kim Weaver

Posted on February 14 2018

What we LOVE about Montana! Happy Valentine's Day!

The Montana Scene What we love about Montana

I Photo by Montana Laura

Here at The Montana Scene it is no secret that we love Montana. To celebrate Valentine's Day this year we wanted to share with you what we LOVE about Montana.

The Montana Scene Valentine's Day Blog

I Wendy and her family at their cabin on Echo Lake l 

Wendy - Montana Scene North team member

Being born and raised here, but traveling a little throughout my life I can honestly say Montana is truly the most beautiful place I've ever been to. The grass is greener, the mountains more magnificent, the ware and skies are more blue and the sunsets are breathtaking! 

The Montana Scene Montana Laura

I Photo by Montana Laura l

Laura - Director of Merchandise and Inventory

I love that everywhere you go looks like a page out of a magazine. Everything's beautiful and there's not a ton of people. 

 The Montana Scene Valentine's Blog

l One of Lexi's favorite Montana images - a rainbow sky over the evergreens l

Lexi - Montana Scene North team member

Being from Idaho, I can tell you life really is better in Montana. The people are awesome, the food is delicious, and there's always something going on to fill your time, but my favorite thing about Montana has to be the breathtaking scenery. Looking out my window I see mountains that are grand and dignified, a clear blue-green lake that sits still and calm, reflecting a yellow sun that's sometimes swallowed by pillow-y blue clouds. My favorite sight is a rainbow sky poking through the towering evergreens that cover our beautiful state. I wouldn't want to wake up anywhere else, because life really is better in Montana. 

The Montana Scene Valentine's Day Blog

l Cassie loves the scenery and it's wildlife! l

Cassie - Missoula team members

 If you're looking for a place to relax, have fun, and just do your own thing, then the outdoor scenery of Montana is the place to be. Adventure definitely lives here and there's never a bad day if you spend it outside. Montana has many reasons to love it you just have to pick one. 

The Montana Scene Adventure Blog

l Kelsey's dinner at Stacey's Old Faithful l

Kelsey M - Bozeman Manager

I moved to Montana from Scottsdale, Arizona three months ago and the winter cold has been an adjustment to say the least, but my favorite Montana thing so far has been the amazing restaurants I've eaten at! One of my favorites is Stacey's Old Faithful - get the prime rib and deep fried rocky mountain oysters! (Check back later this month for Kelsey's in depth review of her favorite restaurants and food in Montana) 

The Montana Scene Adventure Blog

l Mackenzie in a place of total happiness l

Mackenzie - Missoula Manager

No matter where you are in Montana, what season it is, day or night, you are constantly surrounded by beauty! I love Montana because you are constantly reminded how amazing nature is and living here is always an adventure! 

The montana scene valentines day blog

l Maddie looking out over the wonders of our state l

Maddie - Missoula team member

I love Montana because of all the beautiful nature! I grew up on Flathead Lake and live by the Mission Mountains and it doesn't get much prettier than that! 

The Montana Scene Adventure Blog

l Kelsey cheering for the views in Montana l

Kelsey G - Montana Scene North team member

I love the feeling of waking up early in the morning on a camping trip and smelling the fresh air, and seeing the dew on the ground. Warming up next to a fire under the stars and spending time with friends and family on the lake. 

The montana scene valentine's day blog

l Photo Credit: Dana Munyan - Kayla's mom on their Foy's Lake adventure l

Kayla - Montana Scene North team member

I like Montana for the unlimited beauty and even on winter days there is still something to go see. My mom and I took this at Foy's lake last month. We wanted to explore somewhere we have never been before. 

The Montana Scene Valentine's Day Blog

l Kimberly and her childhood (still) best friend at Grinnell Glacier l

Kimberly - Director of Operations and Marketing

My favorite part about Montana is sharing it with the ones I love. I love finding new places in Montana to explore and taking my friends from out of state to see my favorite places! 

The Montana Scene

l Max and his friend Troy on one of their many adventures! l

Max - The Brains of the Operation

Exploring, because then I get to see and do and I get to camp a lot. I like camping with my friends and camping in the forest. 

The Montana Scene Adventure Blog

l Mady enjoying the great outdoors on a camping trip with her family. l

Mady - Fashionista of the Operation

My family, because they help me learn and my friends help me learn too. I like to go to Bozeman. I like it because the hotels have pools! 

The Montana Scene Adventure Blog

l The dream team taking a stroll. l 

Morgan - Commander and Chief of the Operation

She had a little bit of help from her big brother and sister with her answer, but anyone who knows Mo knows this answer is accurate.

She likes to watch Trolls and dance. She likes to go on piggy back rides with Dad when we go on hikes.  

Melissa - CEO 

I love the fact that it makes you tough. It's not easy to live here, but the reward is worth it. The beauty, the seasons, the adventure. We work hard and we play hard. 

The Montana Scene Adventure Blog

l Lake time with the family. l 

Sean - CFO 

I love the fresh air and Flathead Lake with the family!


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