The Bigfork Store (The Original)

The original location opened as Montana Bear Food in May of 2010. Over the years the small coffee and sandwich shop grew to become The Montana Scene, which officially relaunched in 2014 (Check out Our Story for all the details). The Bigfork Store has kept some of the original elements, including coffee and ice cream, but now serves as the premier place to find all of your Montana gifts with original designs. 

Currently, The Montana Scene Bigfork plays a part in the downtown atmosphere. Look out for community events and be sure to follow The Montana Scene on Facebook. 


The Montana Scene Bigfork is closed temporarily for structural updates. Check out our Bigfork Facebook page for more information on when Bigfork will be back open.

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Bigfork Montana History

Bigfork Montana

l Bigfork Montana from up above! Photo from Wikipedia l  

As early as 1885 there was a homestead where Bigfork stands today. That first homestead had over 500 fruit trees trailed on the East shore of Flathead Lake. In 1902, Bigfork was official and settled near the mouth of the Swan River. The town's founder was Everit L. Sliter and on his estate the first hotel rooms and post office were built. He was just the beginning of the town and laid the foundation for Bigfork. 

bigfork old steel bridge

l Bigfork Old Steel Bridge Photo: Daily Inter Lake

The towns history can be seen when you walk down Electric Avenue. You can walk past The Bigfork Inn, by the Bigfork Center for Performing Arts and cross the old steel bridge. The old steel bridge was built in 1911, just after the founding of the town. 

The town of Bigfork is the host to many events throughout the year.  In the winter and spring The Raven hosts a Polar Plunge, Bigfork Children's Theater will present new plays, and the community will gather to "Clean the Fork!"

Bigfork 4th of July Parade

l Bigfork 4th of July Parade  Photo Bigfork.org

The summer time is always buzzing with a new festival or event each week including: The Whitewater Festival Kayaking Races, Writers Retreat, Farmers Market, Rodeo, Bigfork Playhouse Plays, movies at Brookside Yard, Festival of the Arts, Crown of the Continent and of course the famous 4th of July parade.

The Bigfork Inn bigfork montanabigfork summer playhouse

l The Bigfork Inn (Left) Photo: The Bigfork Inn Facebook - Bigfork Playhouse Photo: Bigfork Playhouse l

Fall doesn't slow down with the Rumble in the Bay Car show, the new Ciderfest, and Tamarack Days. The holidays is a special time in Bigfork where the "Bigfork Elves" get together to decorate the entire town. There is the Parade of Lights, cookie decorating and of course a showing of A Christmas Carol at the Bigfork Playhouse.

If you come to Bigfork be sure to stop by some of our favorite places!