Life is Better Adventure Series - Let the Adventure Begin

Kim Weaver

Posted on June 26 2017

Life is Better Adventure Series - Let the Adventure Begin

When we say Life is Better on the trail, on a bicycle, in a tent, in a camper, on the river, at the lake, or in Montana what do we mean?

Our mission at The Montana Scene is to be your preferred choice for purchasing all things Montana. We do this by sharing our passion and admiration for Montana and it’s adventurous atmosphere.

Our Life is Better series came straight from that mission. We thought about the outdoors and what were things that we loved and made our lives better!

Over the next several weeks we are going to explore all the ways and reasons why Life is Better when you opt outside for your adventures. We are so excited to share with you some of our adventures and adventures of others who have the same mission we do.

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First up, we will be talking about why…

Life is Better On The Trail

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